The First One

Hello world. I never thought I’d be a blogger but here I am, writing my first blog about…something.

Let’s see, well I guess I should start by formally introducing myself. My name used to be Alicia, but that changed about 2 years ago when my daughter started talking. Now I’m mostly known as mom, mommy, mama, or momow which these days is her favorite. Her name, by the way, is Sophia. You can call me Alicia though. I still answer to that sometimes. I am a SAHM. It’s great. I love being home with her. Seeing her grow. Teaching her. No it isn’t all cupcakes and cherry pie though. It’s tiring, frustrating. Sometimes I just need a breather. She’s a handful. Smart, witty, sassy 3 year old. Did I mention she was born on Valentine’s Day? I know, sweet right? If only she stayed sweet ALL the time. She’s been more of a sour patch kid these days. I thought terrible twos was a thing. I’m experiencing tumultuous threes. Sigh. Deep deep breaths. I love her. She’s my little person.

I cook. It relieves my stress. Calms me. I love to feed people. My Dad was an incredible cook. He taught me a lot before he passed. So did my grandma. Sometimes when I can’t remember a method or I’m trying a dish of theirs for the first time I ask them to help me. And it’s been working so far.

Soca music is my other relief. It’s usually playing in the background while I cook. Soca and Spice…my 2 essential ingredients for a tasty meal.

I guess that about sums it up. I don’t know yet what I expect from this blog thing. I’ll post recipes, successes and failures. I’ll both rant and rave  about being a SAHM or whatever else is going on at the moment. Hopefully it’ll be interesting. Hopefully you’ll stick around. Until next time friends…


8 thoughts on “The First One

  1. Nice blog…something you’re passionate about. You’re a good cook that puts her soul into preparing/cooking her meals. Kwane will never go hungry…such a foodie.
    Blossom 😊


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