Memorial Day. 

Hello folks! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I was on a getaway with my family and I’m still gathering my thoughts and pictures together so that I can tell you guys all about it. 

Today’s post is in honor of Memorial Day. I will not be making any BBQ. Won’t be posting any “Memorial Day dishes.” I did not shop any Memorial Day sales. 

It’s my opinion that a lot of people in this nation have either forgotten or don’t quite understand the meaning and purpose of this “holiday.” 

People are excited for get-togethers, carousing the aisles of their favorite stores looking for a good deal, or just plain excited to have a long weekend. 

That’s all great. Spending time with family and friends is a wonderful way to spend a day off. But, while everyone is so busy preparing for the festivities, the true meaning of why this day even exists is lost. 

I have tons of red, white, and blue foodie decor. But I’m saving it for Independence Day. Instead, today I’ll say a prayer for the families of soldiers we’ve lost and for those who are currently defending our freedom. I’ll be thankful to the ones who have served and survived. 

Hope everyone enjoys their day. Eat up the BBQ, enjoy the discounts, but please take a moment to reflect on why we can enjoy these luxuries. God bless America. 

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