I have reached 10K followers on Instagram. That’s a big deal! I started on this journey just to give myself something to do. I love being a housewife. It’s rewarding in itself just taking care of my family. But, at times something just didn’t feel right. 

The down side of being a SAHM is the feeling of losing yourself. I spend so much time making sure my husband is taken care of and keeping my little one full, occupied and happy that I kind of lost a bit of Alicia. I feel like I am defined by my family. They are me. But, I still need to be ME. I cannot raise a daughter to strive for the best only to lose herself once she’s married and becomes a mother. 

So, with some encouragement from a great, great friend of mines, I started posting my food on Instagram. Almost immediately, I started this blog. I probably don’t spend enough time writing as I should. My blog needs some more love, but can I tell you how much joy this brings me? Just being able to get some thoughts out there. It’s amazing. More so, I have found that part of Alicia that went missing two years ago. I have something that’s just mines. I don’t have to share it, I don’t have to feel obligated to it. It’s just something that’s mines. It’s something I love, and that feeling is great. I don’t think I’ll ever be complete. We are a work in progress; there’s always room for improvement. But I am as whole as I want to be. I’ve got my family, I’ve got my food, and I’ve found happiness. It’s the simple things. 

Thanks to any and everyone who has followed me, liked my pics, read my posts. I really do appreciate it. Cheers to 10K more! 

To celebrate, I made some Brazilian carrot cake cupcakes! Happy 10K to me!

4 thoughts on “Thankful. 

    1. Thank you! It’s 2 cups chocolate chips, 5 tbs room temp. butter, and 1 tbs light corn syrup. I microwaved it in 15 minute increments until the chocolate was just melted. The corn syrup gives it the shine.

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