So, a year ago I decided to try the food blog thing. Started off with steam, but the smoke quickly subsided. I love to write, but I noticed that recipe writing wasn’t really for me. I cook A LOT. But I NEVER measure and never remember to jot methods and ingredients down. I just go with the flow. I no longer though it was fair to try and come up with recipes when, really, I wasn’t confident that I was giving the proper directions.

So I decided to revamp. I’ll no longer try and do the recipe blog thing. Instead, I’ll make it into a lifestyle blog. I have a lot to say and not many people to say it to. My days as a SAHM is spent with an almost 4 year old so my thoughts usually just stay in my brain.

Food is a huge part of my life so I’ll definitely be writing about it. Just don’t look for recipes from my end. While I’d love to share ideas and give tips (feel free to comment, email, etc.), specific recipes just can’t happen.

Alright, so my name is Alicia. Today is my birthday. I’m officially 32. Yay.

My mom always made us homemade cakes growing up. I can still remember the smell of chocolate buttercream and the joy of cutting into a delicious cocoa enriched cake with rainbow sprinkles. Mmmmm. So this year, against my husband’s desire to purchase a fancy cake, I made my own. I didn’t trim it, didn’t level it, didn’t crumb coat it; I haphazardly spread a thick layer of homemade buttercream, threw some pink nonpareils and sprinkles and lined the circumference with chocolate chips. It was uneven, a tad sloppy and incredibly delicious and nostalgic. It was perfect.

So for everyone who follows me on IG, you’re probably wondering what the special announcement is. Well…I’m gonna be a momma again! I’ve been scared, excited, and a tad bit in denial for quite some time. But now, every kick I feel is a strong reminder of how real this is, and also how much of a blessing it is. I’m excited to share this latest journey with all of you.

Thanks for visiting and I’m looking forward to a busy year, new friends, and lots of adventures! Hope you stick around!!